About Us

We work with you to optimise your website.  As a small team we understand the pressures of running a small business.  Money is always tight.  And you are too busy chasing sales or doing the work to have time to make sure your website is delivering the results you paid for.

At webability we work with you to do as much or as little as you want.  So, we design the package that suits your needs and resources.

Our Team

Alan and Christine Rands are passionate about customer service.  Quality customer service has been the driving force in their business history.  And they now bring this passion to ensure that the websites they are designing, or updating, are 100% customer focussed.

Whilst running a number of national and international businesses that delivered software-as-a-service they created their own websites and software.  Therefore, they understand that content is key to success.  And, importantly, that design assists the delivery of content and does not replace it.

They keep up-to-date with current design trends and innovations.They also bring their software design skills to the back-end of website design.

Alan Rands brings his experience and expertise to the:

Strategic focus of your website:  Helps you to identify your target market for the website.  Assists with development of what you want to say about your business.  What do you want your website to deliver? And also, how do you compare with your competitors?

Technical Structure: Ensuring optimal search engine rankings and consistent up-time and delivery. Selection and changes to website functions as well as tailored coding to give that personal touch.

Content:  Making design and content relevant, up-to-date and also informative?

Christine Rands concentrates on:

Words: Edits the language to make sure it is easy-to-read and also free of hard to understand jargon?

Flow: Styles the menus and links to make sure they are logical and, most importantly, easy to use.

Overall design: Makes sure the design is improving your message, not swamping it.  Selection of extra photos and design elements to get the right user experience therefore leading the visitor towards becoming a customer.

SEO Fine Tuning: Align all of your content from the Search Engine title right through to the “Buy Now” or “Contact-Us” buttons.

Professional Partners

At webability we proudly work with the organisations displayed on this page.  These relationships improve our ability to provide you with a complete professional service in all aspects of winning customers.