Website Design and Development

 sale image website designwebability puts your customer at the heart of your website design and development.

Everything on your site must answer YES to this pivotal question:

“Will this make it easier for my customer to want to contact my business to get information, obtain a quote, or to buy now?”

So, to get a Yes we use the following elements in designing your new, or updating your existing, website.


6 Elements of Effective Website Design and Development

There are, of course, other elements to effective website design and development to which we, as your web developer, are alert.  These six key elements are the foundation for workable and effective websites.

1. Content is Kingwebsite design and development readability

Visitors to your site are looking for relevant information, products or prices.  Importantly, they are not visiting in order to marvel at your graphic design skills.  You keep visitors and turn them into customers by providing the right information and make it easy for them to buy.

2. Keep It Simplewebsite design and development useability

Your customers want the information they need now!  So, they don’t want to struggle with complex menus, hard-to-find information, or bells and whistles that are not relevant.

Keep jargon to a minimum and be aware that some people may have English as their second language.  So, keep the language clear and simple.

3. Blogging for credibilitywebsite design and development blogability

Don’t overload individual pages with large amounts of text, use your Blog to manage the ‘expert’ facts and opinions.  The result will be a well-respected Blog that visitors return to for advice and expertise.

Posting new blog entries reminds existing and prospective customers that you are still around and doing great work.  But, remember, keep the blog interesting and relevant – don’t waste your customers’ time!

4. Calls to Actionwebsite design and development exciteability

Make it easy for your customer to contact you for advice, quotes or sales.  Include Call to Action buttons, in prominent places, on each page.  Then link them to a Contact Us or Online Shop or Online Quote page.

5. Attractive Designwebsite design and development appealability

The design of your website must motivate your visitor to stay and read on.  Use white space, headings, photos and links to keep them working through your site.

Don’t overdo the graphics – don’t hide your message behind the look and feel.  But, at the same time, make it appealing to look at and read.  Don’t overload your visitor but don’t bore them either!

webability-stamps-responsability6. Responsive

The modern website is viewed on desktops, laptops, ipads, notebooks and phones, therefore, the format and design needs to be  responsive.  A responsive website automatically re-sizes to suit whichever devices is being used.

The industry estimates that within 5 years, 80% of all website searches will be conducted on mobile devices. Be ready for when your prospects and existing customers make the change. Many of them are probably already there!website design and development stickability

These 6 key elements work together to ensure once a visitor lands on your site they stay or ‘stick’.

Add Business Functionality

Make your web design more than just a shop-window … put it to work!

Expand your website by integrating some of your key business functions like product purchases, booking appointments, marketing to your clients. Create different user types and give them access to a range of features. Consider adding:

An Online Shop 

An Online Booking system – for appointments, inspections etc

A Customer Relationship Management system

Contact us now to discover how to add STICK-ability to your website