Customer Relationship Management

customer relationship management - find-abilityKeep in touch with your client base with a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

A CRM is an optional extra so, it is not necessary to have one in order to launch your website. You should give serious consideration however,  as it is a powerful tool.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

Integrate a CRM into your website to collect and use customer data to drive additional sales.  Automatically add all customer enquiries to the database. Don’t lose them under a collection of post-it notes and in your email in-box!

Manage all your client data – addresses, names, phones and, importantly, details of each contact you have with a client.  Make notes on customer files e.g. Inform Bob’s Smash Repairs when new products arrive.  Monitor customer status, including progress of sales.

Target your marketing emails or mail-outs to all your clients, to a select few, or to an individual, by using client status and groupings.  Use your CRM to keep your clients informed of the latest product, special, industry trend or case study.

Group your customers into logical streams for analysis purposes.  Track how much your customers spend with you and make marketing decisions based on that data.  Which customers spend the most? Come up with a plan to reward them.  Which ones only make sporadic purchases? Come up with a plan to motivate them.

Finally, integrate your CRM with an external mail-out house (e.g. mail chimp) so your website won’t get blacklisted as a SPAM generator.

Phone (VOIP) Integration


Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone systems use the Internet to deliver your phone service. VOIP allows you to link the phone numbers in your CRM system to the phone system coming through your Computer.  As a result, if you are making a lot of customer calls, you make considerable efficiency gains.  VOIP systems work very well on NBN lines.



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