Online Booking System

OK, so we’ve designed a great website and you’ve got visitors crawling all over.  Now’s the time to ensure we make it as easy as we can for them.  Easy to book a service, inspection, visit, or appointment using an online booking system.

Online Booking Systems are optional but it seems a pity to miss out on an excellent opportunity to get your visitor to be more than just a visitor.  Get them buying from you NOW!

online booking systems - expand-ability

Online Booking System

If your business is service-based an Online Booking System gives you control over your time.  And most of all maximises the opportunity to convert inquiries to sales.

An Online Booking system is not just a Contact Us page.  It allows your customers to make appointments  by staff member or by service-type or both.  Take bookings for selling time or making date-based bookings.

Email a confirmation of the booking to your customers and confirm the new booking to your staff  as they happen.

Your system Administrator views all appointments online and sets appointment times by day, hour or time-blocks as well as blocking out days and times where appointments cannot  be made.  Additionally, your administrator can provide service types with time-blocks and fees.  For example, Inspection 1 will take 3 hours and cost $200; Inspection 5 will take 45 minutes and cost $80; customers then elect the service they want, the time and day, and the system automatically blocks out the appropriate time.  Importantly, your Administrators can cancel bookings real-time.

Include payment in advance by card in your Online Booking System (see Payment Gateways below).

Payment Gateways

payment gateway online booking system imagePayment Gateways are setup for use with major Banks who offer website linkage to your Merchant Account.  If your Online Booking System requires payment at the time of booking then you need to include a Payment Gateway.

Firstly, you obtain merchant login details for us from your Bank.  Then, we set up the facility inside your website, link to your Bank and do a test run.  Importantly, you MUST have secure access (SSL, https) to have this facility; we can arrange this as well.. Payment Gateways are useful for online bookings as payment in advance improves cash flow and eliminates false bookings..


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