e-Commerce Online Shop

e-commerce online shop -shopabilityIf your business is product-based include an Online Shop on your website to connect to the online economy.

Online shopping uses e-Commerce to manage the selection and payment for your goods.


4 Essential Ingredients of an Effective Online Shop

1. Make it easy to use

Both for you and your customers!  Include:

  • Simple click-through steps to guide your customer to a completed sale
  • Display products in categories to allow quick and easy selections
  • Tag products to multiple categories (i.e. type, brand, price range) for a complete search experience
  • Attractive photos that motivate to buy
  • Prices, short descriptions and a details page for each product
  • Linked products for possible add-on sales.
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2. Make it easy to buy

The last click is the one your are after – make it easy to click and buy.

  • Integrate a Shopping Cart
  • Integrate Checkout
  • Automatically add Taxes, e.g. GST- prices including or excluding GST

3. Make it easy to motivate and drive sales

Use your shop to drive sales not just take them!  Excite your customers by:

  • Promoting specials with “usual price” and “special price”
  • Holding stock levels in the system and displaying status online i.e. only 5 left in stock!!
  • Inviting customers to rate and/or comment on the products and service.

4. Make it easy to manage

The administration of your online shop should make the sale and follow-up easy to finalise.  Don’t put obstacles in the way of this and future sales.  Ensure your shop administration system can:

  • Nominate an email address for notification as orders are placed and don’t lose them in your normal inbox
  • Create a “Shop Manager” account for a staff member to manage the shop without having to access the core website
  • Make order lists available online
  • Automatically alert when stock reach re-order levels
  • Hold comments offline pending approval by you before making visible
  • Use SKUs if you require
  • Automatically withdraw items from sale when stock runs out, or take back-orders.


payment gateway online shop e-commerceYour Online Shop will need an e-Commerce  Payment Gateway

Think of the shop as the front-end to your bank account – your till – where you want the sales $$$$ to land!  Webability can setup your shop and payment process and you need to work with us to setup the payment gateway.

There are many payment gateways that you can use, some are better than others. Your Bank will set up a Merchant Account for you (you may have this already) and this will be the link the Payment Gateway needs to get the money into your account.

The Bank provides you with secure login details so that we can set up the facility inside your website, link to your Bank and do a test run. We will assist you in the selection and integration of the Payment Gateway to your website and your Merchant Account.

You MUST have secure access (SSL, https) to have a Payment Gateway and an online shop.

A Payment Gateway is useful for online bookings (pay at time of booking) and a MUST for an online shop.


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