SEO Optimisation

search engine optimisation (SEO) - rankabilitySearch Engine Optimisation (Website SEO) is an ‘art’.  The art of ensuring that when a visitor enters search words the result has your website on the first page.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (Website SEO)?

Google and other search engines have complex and secret methods of ranking websites based on search words.  And, they change their methods from time to time.  Furthermore, your competitors are coming online with their websites hoping to rank well.  Therefore, we check your website for SEO frequently.

So, you can’t assume that because a Website ranked well two years ago it will still rank high. Static websites that are not updated, may no longer rank in search engines.

Only a few years ago, you uploaded web pages with keyword metatags and used them as many times as possible.  And, the more you used them the higher you ranked.  But, do this today and you may not rank at all!


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Basic Search Engine Optimisation (Website SEO) for new and existing websites

Contracting webability to optimise your new website or improve the rankings on an existing website includes the:

  1. Creation of meta tags and and search data that will enable your site
  2. Installing and managing SEO plugins to assist with achieving good placement in search engines through real time analysis
  3. Analysis of site-data to determine how visitors are accessing your site. This includes volume of visitors per page, behavior (which pages they visit) and how long they stay.
  4. Analysis of words used in the searches that lead visitors to your website. We will then recommend incremental changes that will improve rankings.
  5. Test the loading speed of each of your pages to ensure that your Dwell Time and Click-Through rates improve. (If your page takes too long to load, you lose people)
  6. Monitoring the indexability ratings by Google, Bing and Yandex.
  7. Fixing any ‘page not-found’ issues. Creating formal re-directions so you do not fall foul of broken link issues.
  8. Ensuring all aspects of your web pages line up! You must have consistent messages from the Page Title right through to the text content.
  9. Ensuring that links on your site are valid and lead the viewer to what they expect to find.

Google Ad-Words

Google Ad-Words is a powerful marketing tool that displays your website title and description at the top of search pages for selected search phrases.

You pay a fee for each display, and the fee is set based on the popularity of the search word or phrase. However, the more popular, the higher the per click fee.

You can nominate a budget, and when that has been spent the advertising stops. So, you have complete control over your spend.

Keep in mind nothing impresses Google more than spending money with them!

Website Maintenance to Improve SEO

There’s more to having a website that works for you, maintenance is key (follow this link to learn more): Website Maintenance

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