website maintenance - maintain-abilityAll websites, new and existing, need a solid website maintenance plan.  Because, your website, like your business, is not just a page; it’s dynamic! it’s living!  Information is out-dated, products change, and software is improved and upgraded.

Therefore, keeping up-to-date with technology trends makes sure your site doesn’t stop working. For example, next year light press won’t impress Google!

And, no point having a website if it doesn’t work.  That would be like putting an ad in the paper, having customers call and you are not answering!  Or, they call and hear “this phone is no longer connected!”

Website Maintenance

Your website must keep pace with the changes that happen almost daily.  We design a site maintenance plan to suit your needs including a combination of the following:

  • Updating to core language that the site is based on
  • Updating latest versions of the website Platform (eg WordPress)
  • Adding new or archiving out-dated pages
  • Creating re-directs for outdated pages that may still be indexed by search engines
  • Updating images and text entries
  • Updating social media links (if applicable)
  • Adding new blogs (see next section)
  • Site Analysis and recommendations (see below).

Site Analysis and Recommendations

Analysis is at the heart of website optimisation!

Google, Bing and Yandex are continually changing their web crawlers and ranking algorithms to ensure that no-one gets an unfair advantage. However, making your content easy to read, informative and well structured still counts more than any algorithm. In fact, the search engine algorithms now include readability!

Every month we run your site through a series of tests and give you a report on the status.  Also, we look at the search engine site analytic data that will show how people are using your site, and whether search engine crawlers are having any problems.

Next, we look at the changes to Web Browsers and the impacts for your site.  Finally, we include our view on what all this means and bring salient points to your attention.


website maintenance

Website Maintenance Extensions

Writing Blog Entries

Blogs should be relevant, timely and timeless.

Special offers, new products or services, relevant case studies and new research are all good reasons for a new blog.  However, writing a new blog for no genuine reason will undermine your credibility and weaken your blog and your website.

A good rule of thumb would be 1-2 blogs per month.  And, if you don’t have the skill, time or desire to write your blog – we can do this for you.

Finally, keep in mind blogs are not Tweets! They are well thought out information packets that display your expertise in your business. The core recommendation is that they are at least 300 words.

Online Shop Management

If the technical parts of maintaining your shop are not your long suit, then we can do this for you. And, the service, provided on an hourly rate, includes uploading and editing:

  1. Product photos
  2. Short descriptions for products
  3. Products details
  4. Prices –  including specials
  5. Removing outdated products, prices and photos, and
  6. Launching campaigns and buyer codes for specials.

However, you still take charge of sales so you can pack product, distribute and invoice efficiently.

Online Booking Maintenance

Not confident with maintaining your Online Booking System?  Then contract us, on an hourly rate, to:

  1. Setup staff, service categories and services
  2. Setup or modify booking time availability including weekends, holidays and those times you do not want to be available
  3. Maintain prices for services with pre-pay online, and
  4. Design, develop and manage mailing campaigns.

So, contact us now to discover how we can improve the MAINTAIN-ability of your website