Server Infrastructure

Your server infrastructure is important to your over website performance.

Having a good looking website, with fabulous content is great, but what if it is delivering slowly?

This is a big issue and is becoming bigger as the Search Engines lean towards favouring mobile devices.

Optimise your website for speed of delivery so that mobile devices can load your content quickly.

Research shows that if your site does not render within 3-4 seconds, your visitor will probably leave.

Server Infrastructure – Why is it Important?

Your server answers the search engine request and then delivers the page content to the user.  And, Search Engines mark your site down if the Server is unable to respond in a reasonable time.  So an efficient and reliable server it is critical.

Also, your server infrastructure is responsible for your Reliability. If it has problems it will not answer that all important request. So, imagine losing the most important client you ever had before you even spoke to them!   It is hard enough to get people to do business with you, don’t let your server be a road block in their way.

Server Infrastructure – What should I look for?

The questions to ask your provider of website hosting are:

  • Are the servers physically located in a Capital city, regional city, private office or even a home?
  • Is the building a bunker type construction that cannot be accessed from the outside, or is it exposed?
  • Is the building where the servers are located manned by security staff 24X365? Do not accept that the building has security monitoring because this can fail, and even if detected, intruders have time to do a lot of damage before security arrives.
  • Make sure the data on your website is backed up, preferably daily. Also ask if your provider takes secure backups of your website and data offsite.
  • It is vital the site has automated fire protection so that fire events are controlled quickly and your website safe.
  • Ask what the average response time is for the servers over the past year. It should be over 99.8% uptime.
  • Conduct a speed test on a website hosted at the server site and check the server time to respond. Look for less that 3 seconds, hopefully 1 second.
  • The server site should have a backup power supply like a diesel generator. This is essential to have your site visible should the power fail altogether or become unreliable.
  • Know what the procedures that are put in place if your site goes down.
  • Understand the escalation strategy when problems arise that cannot be easily fixed by the first line of support
  • Ask if there are out of hours phone numbers you can contact.

Do not be afraid to ask these questions. It is your website and you need to know what are your risks.

server infrastructure depend-abilityFinally, if your servers are not available, your business is closed!

Your servers must be Dependable!

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