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Affordability what is the real cost of your website? There are cheap websites and there are very expensive websites, and therefore many options in between. Know what the overall costs are and know that the investment you are making delivers rewards that outweigh the costs.

Definition of Affordability

Afford means “to be able to pay for”, or “to have enough money to pay for” so this all points to your capacity to pay for your website.

You know how much money you have, but what is the REAL COST of of a website?

The Cost of a Website

Hidden costs with websites are the problem.  The following gives you a guide to the things you will need to consider in your AffordAbility question:

  1. You must register a domain name. Make sure you do this with a reputable provider and not just seek the cheapest you can find. Some of the cheapest domain registration organisations don’t make any money on the registration. They basically give it away. However, fail to renew on time and your name is auctioned off to someone else. Paying a little more than the minimum can often save a great deal of hurt.
  2. You will need a host for your website, somewhere to park it. This is usually paid for either monthly or as an annual fee. Again, there are many places that are cheap but when you have problems, service is non-existent.
  3. Your website must be designed and developed. When you get to this stage you must select carefully. This is not just a word document. The design must have many components (see all of our other abilities, search through our design and development categories).
  4. You will need to keep your website current for it to rank in search engines.This is best done through maintaining an active blog.
  5. You may need to update information and also pictures. This has to be low cost so your website must be easily maintained.

Case Study

A client who came to us had been charged a very large sum of money to create a basic website. They thought they would get high rankings and therefore lots of customers. After 18 months they had not received one lead from their website.

When they approached the developer, they were told it would cost $500 to change one picture on their site – a picture provided by the client.

The site was developed using a proprietary content management system and the client had no control over their website.

REMEMBER: The most expensive website is the one that does not work!!

You can never afford that!

Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner, we know that you are under pressures that people in larger organisations would never understand.

The biggest pressure that we can identify for small business is cash flow.

If you would like a quality Website that will generate business NOW, but do not have loose cash to invest, give us a call and we can discuss ways to help you get what you need to make more.


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