Website Analyse-ability

website analysis - analyse-abilityAnalyse-ability (yep, we stretched the language here) is being able to access data about how your website is being used to help you make good decisions.  Search Engines provide website analysis tools that show a wide range of data about your website.

These website analysis tools are very powerful and you should either use them to analyse your website yourself, or have someone who knows what they mean to do it for you.


Website Analysis Tools

The basic analysis should cover

  • Speed of your site loading: are there things stopping it for loading quickly?
  • The site structure – the layout from the landing page right through to the Blog.
  • The number of visitors you get over the analysis period and also what pages do they land on?
  • The pages your visitors go to, and also how long do they spend there (dwell time)?
  • What percentage of your visitors get to a contact us or buy now page?
  • The percentage that actually click on that action, or, how many leave at this point?
  • List of search words your visitors use to get to your site, hence you can check your focus-word usage.
  • Types of browsers that are used. As a result of this knowledge you can test your site on each of these to see what the visitors are experiencing.
  • Which search engines delivered visitors to you, and, which ones do people use more often?
  • The track your visitors follow. Lures like “specials” you have placed on your site must work so review this often.
  • Rectification of any dead links, or pages that are not accessible.

You are probably busy focussing on all of the other things that need doing in your business.

If you can build a good relationship with your website developer, they can offer a great deal of assistance in this area.

This should not cost very much and they may even have a contract, or plan that provides a given amount of work for a monthly fee.

Consider this, as your website needs to be monitored. You, and we, know that when you get busy, this does not get the priority it needs.


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