Website Appealability

Appealability is the power or ability to attract, interest, amuse, or stimulate the mind or emotions.

Appealability and Website Design

website appealabilityLet’s look at each of the components of the definition:


We do this initially through Search Engine Indexing and so all of this aspect of the design must be in place. See Search-ability.

Then, we need to consider the first impressions of the site: what people see when they first set eyes on your front page.  That vision, or sound, or feeling must be aimed at your target market. Remember that people have expectations and if you do not deliver to, or even better than their expectations, they will de-tune.

Just because you like purple and black doesn’t mean others will. Don’t fall for the style over substance trap.

Your design should make the site easier to read, not more difficult. Go easy on how busy the site appears.


They came here for a reason so give them what they came for, whatever that is.

The layout and content must draw the person further into the story, like the first paragraph of a great book.

When you create interest, people stay longer, we call this dwell time. If they don’t see something that interests them, they are gone!


Humour is a great way to get a smile out of people, so use this if you can. Be mindful of the fact that humour is usually only funny the first time and must be appropriate. Use sparingly and understand that funny to you may not be funny to others.

Stimulate the Mind or Emotions

Stimulate the mind? How better to do this that give people the information or way of achieving what they came for.  Interest, information, engagement all are stimulants for the mind.

Finally we come to the emotion. This is the point where people own what you offer and want it: they Click on Contact, or better still, they Click on “BUY NOW”, or “ADD TO CART”

Think of the process as a funnel. You start by trying to attract people to your site. You then want them to stay and absorb what you have to offer and then to actually make a decision to buy.

The more people you get to visit the better, and once they are there to have to get them to cross that emotion barrier into “buy” mode.

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