Website Blogs

Well written, informative blogs draw people to your site.

Updating the blog with relevant and information-rich content will keep them on the site longer and also have them coming back for more.  That is, blogs drive customer loyalty.

Myth – Blogs are the Same as Tweets!

Many people think of a personal blog when they hear the word BLOG. They imagine a Blog as a stream of thought about feelings, or worse still, what someone had for lunch. It is true that some personal blogs are like this but a Business Blog should be quite the opposite.

A Business Blog is the area of your website where you:

  1. Keep people updated on your business and your specialty
  2. Demonstrate your knowledge and skill base to develop a reputation as the expert in your field
  3. Advertise new innovation and/or trends in your Industry
  4. Announce new releases and updates to your products or services.

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Return Business

Get your Customers coming back and tapping into your expertise by showing your current knowledge and demonstrating that your are a thought-leader in your field.

The return customer is the cheapest cost of sales you will ever have. Further, the customer that drifts away is the most expensive due to the investment you have already made to attract them.

Use your BLOG as an efficient marketing tool.  Engaged and informed customers stick with you!

RSS Feeds

Deliver your Blog entries to your customers, and potential customers automatically. This is achieved through providing a web feature called RSS Feed.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

New websites use RSS to deliver the latest news. Customers register on the website to have RSS feeds delivered to them so when a new item is posted, they get a “snippet” of the item sent to them so they are “kept in the loop”.   The delivery of the snippet is to either their email account or via an SMS to their phone.



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