Website Capability

There are four parts to Capability when looking at websites.

  1. Firstly, there is the capability of the people who will design and develop the website. Choose website developers who are competent in layout, design, text content and website optimisation. If a developer does not have skills in one area, look for the partners they use to deliver these needs. If they are transparent about this, their honesty will translate into a good experience.
  2. Next in the capability of the website is the hosting provider. The must know what they are doing, and be responsive if you have issues.
  3. The server infrastructure where your website resides must be capable of delivering pages when needed and at a good speed.
  4. Finally, your website itself must have capability.

Extend Your Capability

The website should be an integral part of your business.  webability-stamps-capabilityIt is a powerful addition to your marketing strategy and this should be seen as its primary role.

It will catch people looking for what you sell, advise people about what you do, and can send out new information about you and your products. You can even keep people up to date on what is happening in your industry.

That is definitely great, and the website can be much more than that. You can add functionality that makes your website a vital part of your business operations.

For example,

  • Add an Online Booking System if you are running a personal service such as hairdressing, doctor, chiropractor.
  • This can be an Online Reservations System if you are a hotel or motel. this is basically an online booking system on steroids.
  • Add an Online Shop!! This is a gold mine if it is done well and the products are attractive. Read all about eCommerce and online shops by clicking here.
  • Definitely add a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to harness your contacts, leads and sales. You then push this information into your marketing and PR efforts.

Integrate these systems into your website to increase its capability enormously.

Make sure you are getting the best value out of your website by increasing its Capability. Link systems and processes so you catch data once and use it often!


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