Website Credability

You have Credability when people trust what you are saying, and believe that what you say is correct.

To get people to believe you and trust you, you must present yourself as professional in both content, as well as look and feel.

The website must have a combination of things that all interact to create believeability and then the trust will develop.

Components of Website Credability

website-credability-stampTo have credability on your website you should have the following basic components:

  • A look and feel for the site that is either typical of what people would expect for your Industry, or
  • One that shows a modern extension of what people would expect to see.
  • Statements of fact that the reader can validate or reasonably expect to be true.
  • Consistency of what you present: there should be no contradiction in what you say.
  • Present information that is easily digestible. They can absorb it easily so they are therefore more inclined to stay a while.
  • Show your experience. If you are new site, show why you are a good choice

Additions to the Credability Equation

Having the basics covered, you can add Credability credits by doing some of the following:

  • Display scientific facts to support your statements and give credit to the author
  • Show any Associations you belong to and display their logo with a link to their website
  • Write blogs about what you know, and are prepared to share: become the expert
  • Make sure the reader gets a sense that you care about them. Display this through what your content, do not just say “We care about you!”
  • Promote others who have complimentary skills to allow the reader to sense that “you value quality assistance”. Show you trust others, then others are more inclined to trust you.
  • Get testimonials from other people to show that others trust and believe in you.


Put some Cred-Ability onto your website!


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If you would like to read more about Credability, Bonnie Budzowski has a great article at inCredible Messages.