Website Exciteability

Exciteability is a reaction to something that the visitor to a Website experiences that drives them into doing something.


webability-stamps-exciteabilityYour objective is to have that reaction be positive and therefore drive the visitor to click on your Call to Action buttons, not to leave the site.

Remember, that excitement can result in negative reactions so you must guard against that.  Do not have things that are outrageous or may offend the visitor.

You should focus on creating positive experiences.


Buying Motives

People buy things when the product or service aligns with their buying motives. Therefore, you need to cover all of the buying motives somewhere to be sure that your appeal covers most people.

There are six buying motives that you should have covered:

  1. Performance: how well the product or service does what I want done?
  2. Safety: how the product or service will protect me?
  3. Appearance: how the product or service looks, and also how the product or service makes me look?
  4. Comfort: how easy is the product or service to implement and use so I do not have hassles?
  5. Economy: the value proposition for the product or service. This is not the price but what I get for what I pay, that is the value.
  6. Durability: how long will the product or service do what I want done?

You should address each of these on your website so that the visitor becomes a potential customer. This change takes place when they see things that satisfy their motives.

Exciteability on Your Website

Excitability is created by the following:

  • appealing and relevant photos
  • genuine offers or specials
  • easy-to-read expert advice
  • new and interesting services or products
  • unique services or products
  • genuine and relevant testimonials.

Finally, make it easy for your potential customer to commit to your product or service with Calls to Action


webability-stamps-exciteabilityPut the Excite-ABILITY Stamp on your website  

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