Website Findability

webability-stamps-findabilityFindability is used in computer jargon to explain how easy it is to find something that is on a website.  There are two aspects to this, one is finding an actual business, whilst the other is finding the correct information. Information that you are looking for.

Many people get to a website after searching for something and spend less that 5 seconds on the site. What they thought they would see was not there, so they simply leave!

You NEED people to firstly FIND YOU when they want to, and then to FIND THE INFORMATION they were searching for when they found you.

All of the Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and the like, are refining their algorithms to deliver better results. They are trying to stop web developers from luring people to their site with search words that are not representative of what they provide.

Website Findability

We look at this from the view of the Search Engine.

  • Search Engines index the pages on your website according to the content.
  • There is an SEO title for the page, which is exactly that, a title.
  • Then there is a Meta tag. A Meta Tag is the short description you see when sites or pages are displayed in a list by the Search Engine. This Meta Tag should give you an insight into what is on the page or site and draw you to the next action – CLICK ON IT!
  • When you click, the Search Engine takes you to a page. If that page content does not correlate with what was promised in the Meta Tag – Goodbye!
  • The page content MUST correlate with the Meta Tag to keep your attention and get you to the next step – get what you came for!

Things That Kill Findability

These are things that drive web surfers nuts!

You enter a word or phrase, the search engine displays a list of available links. One has a Meta Tag that is exactly what you are looking for. You click on it and get taken to a front page of a website that doesn’t seem to be about what you are looking for at all. As a result, you leave!

The search page is talking directly to you, so you Click. It seems you have found what you want. The link you clicked on presents “Error 404 – Page Not Found”: so you go elsewhere.

You select a search page and click on the link. The website takes you to a page that is the search screen for the website you selected, nothing about your topic can be seen. You are not happy that you have to re-enter what you are looking for so you go somewhere else.


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