Website Hosting -dependabilityWebability offers Website Hosting as an optional extra when creating, or updating, your website.

Website Hosting

Our hosting partner operates a secure environment with strong financial backing – they are here for the long-haul!  So, choose a website host who is here for you today, tomorrow and next week.

Genuine disaster recovery capability is part of your hosting package, and, as your website host we ensure:

  • Up-time is 99.99%+
  • Effective and efficient resolution of Issues
  • Support is available when you need it, and
  • Your package is affordable!

You’re in Control

Importantly, we do not lock you out of your site.  And, we give you full access rights so that you can move to another provider if you choose.

Website Hosting – Extensions

The following extensions to your hosting package provide a complete solution.

1. Registering Your Domain Name

We work with you to choose a domain name that is memorable, easy to type, and not too long.  Further, we search nationally and internationally, ensuring that the name is not active.  And, then we register that domain so that it’s yours.

2. Website Backup

As a disaster-recovery process we backup our site infrastructure daily.  And, if you wish, we can backup your website periodically.  We backup low-volume websites weekly and take a daily, offsite, backup of dynamic-websites. For example, websites with online booking and online shops.

3. Software Updates

The world of technology is changing at a rapid pace. And Internet access is dominated by mobile phones.  Also, there are strong competitive forces between Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe. And a strong push towards open-source software.  So, this means RAPID AND CONSTANT CHANGE is the norm!

Software updates are more frequent and might impact your website.  So, we ensure the operating system is up-to-date and functioning properly.  Also, we check that any plugins are current.  Further, we walk through your site to make sure that any updates have not adversely affected your website.

Lastly, we test your website in different browsers to make sure your are getting the best performance.  Browsers we test include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opra.

4. SPAM Protection

SPAM fills email boxes with lots of rubbish, consuming traffic-data-allowance and costing time maintaining the mailbox.  Therefore, we use SPAM management tools to block known SPAM generating sites.  Importantly, this ensures that real people, and not automated systems, enter the Contact-US pages. 

Web Hosting-graphic

5. Secure Socket Layers

Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encrypt all communications between your website and your customers.   Therefore, SSL is an absolute necessity if you accept payment online.

6. Webmaster Services

We act as your website’s webmaster.  So, if there are any issues that arise on your website, we fix them.

For example, if your website is corrupted, we restore to the previous backup. If an automated update cause issues, we reinstate the old system.  Therefore, your site is available until we identify and fix the problem.

So, contact us now to discover how we can add DEPEND-ability to your website