Website Maintain-ability

website maintainabilityWebsite maintainability means you can make changes to your website easily and at a reasonable cost.

It is important that you have control of your website and even more important to regularly make changes to update the site.


Do you have the option to maintain your own website or are you locked into a contract that forces you to hand over this to the design company?  We believe you should be allowed the choice; not all small businesses have the in-house expertise to update their own website … but some do.  Furthermore, you should be able to move your website to another provider when and if needed.


Basics of Website Maintainability

Maintaining your website is very important and this is increasingly so as search engines change the way they do things.

These are the basics:

  1. Make sure your developer is using a development system that other providers could use should you choose to change.
  2. Site content must be able to be changed quickly, it should not require hugely complex code changes.
  3. You should be able to add blog posts whenever you choose and should be able to do this without any help. Your developer should give you instructions on how to do this. Of course you can get them to do this for you, but the choice should be yours.

Case Study

A new client came to us because they were having difficulties with the people who had originally designed their website.  The design company were charging the client $500 per page change, whether that was one word or just a new image upload.

Our client decided to change their website provider and secured the logins to the administration part of the website.

The problems had only just started because:

The design company used their own proprietary content management system which could not be read by our client. The site was effectively under the absolute control of the design company who wanted large sums of money to do anything.

The only solution was to re-develop the website and relocate it at the same time. The Site was not maintainable and the client was being held to ransom.


website maintainabilityPut the MAINTAIN-ability stamp on your website

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