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Think about the navigability of a river …

If the river is easily navigable, more people will use it because it is easy to find the way to where you want to go. On the other hand, a river that does not have good navigability will attract fewer people. Even the ones that do venture along the river will be cautious and may not go as far into the river as they otherwise might.

It is the same with your website.

Improve the Navigability of YOUR Website

The easier your site is to navigate, the more likely people will stay, and as a consequence, go further into your site.

Things that can be done to improve site navigability include:

  • Make your Menu simple so that visitors can see clearly where to go.webability-stamps-navigability
  • The structure of your site has to be logical. It should start with general information and then, as you dig deeper, there should be more detailed information to inform and attract the visitor.
  • Use links on your pages so that visitors can see terms defined, and also jump to places of interest.
  • Make sure there are no dead links, this means links that lead to Error 404 – Page not found!
  • Use language that is easy to read, which means tone down the jargon.
  • Make sure the content is relevant.
  • Ensure you have “Calls to Action”; places where the visitor can become a customer.  When people are ready to buy – encourage them!
  • Use breadcrumbs to allow the visitor to follow their path back a page or two without having to re-visit the home page and start again.

Target everything you do at the visitor.  Understand why they may be on your site, what they need, and finally, how to take them from interest to becoming a customer.

Make it EASY for them!


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