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website rankabilityWebsite Rankability refers to the place your website gets displayed in searches on the most popular search engines.

Not many of us have the patience to use the ‘next page’ link on our Google searches.  Therefore, if it’s not on the first page we rush to enter a new search word.

Whilst the decision as to whether your site ranks on the first page, for your anticipated search words, rests with the Search Engine, you can influence this decision.

Any reputable design and development company will be aware of the many factors that Google requires when determining page ranking.  Importantly, ranking is not a once-only exercise.  Search Engines are continually reviewing their search algorithms (what they use to rank sites).  Consequently, you need to continually revisit your website making updates and adjustments to ensure you maintain your ranking.

Improve Website Rankability

The steps to improve the rankability of your site are:

  • Research your keywords. Make sure that what you think people will use to find you is what they will actually use.
  • Structure your website properly. Tell people what you do on the front page and then expand on this information on subsequent pages.
  • Create SEO titles and descriptions that have your market as their focus.
  • Use the keywords in your content, but don’t overdo that.
  • Make sure your site loads fast, mobiles are taking over and we need to make sure people don’t give up before your first page loads.
  • Regularly update your website by adding new content, show your expertise and tell stories.
  • Review the search engine analytics to review the performance of your site and also make changes if you identify issues.
  • Get expert help, this is not the sort of thing you set and forget!

Remember your website is the front door to your business.

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