Website Searchability

You website needs to be Searchable to reach it’s full potential.

Web Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and others,index the content of your website based on a series of rules.

The bad news is that none of them will tell you exactly how the rules integrate. There is, however, a great deal of intelligence on what works and what does not.

Searchability Relies on Speed

searchableSearch Engines are shifting their algorithm priorities as mobile devices become more and more popular.

The focus on speed of loading is paramount and if your site does not load fast, then your rankings will slip.

To get good speed you must:

  • Have a solid structure to your site
  • Optimise pictures and other images
  • Optimise Style Sheet loading
  • Minify style sheets and Java Script
  • Make sure you have no broken links
  • Limit items that are loaded from other sites
  • Plus a whole lot more

If you would like to know how your website performs for speed, give us a call and we will arrange to do a series of tests for you.

disappointed child crying   Caution: results can disappoint!   

Searchable Content

Have you thought about what words your clients will use in order to find you?  It is definitely the first step. Researching focus words is a very important step and yields great returns in increased traffic.

Next, you need to create SEO titles for your pages and create a “Meta Description” for the page. This will show on the Search Engine page so it must catch the attention of your potential visitor.

Finally, there is the actual content of the site. Lots of pictures will not rank well. A combination of information (text) and some images will definitely do the trick.

Having all of these elements is good, so now you must make sure that the thread from the title through the Meta Description and into the content is highly aligned.

Because CONTENT IS KING you must spend a lot of time getting this right. Short snippets of information on a page drowned by images will not rank well. A well laid out page with at least 300 words and some complimentary images excites Search Engines.


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