Website Stickability

Stickability can best be explained by looking at engine oil, yes, that’s correct, engine oil!  When engine oil gets old it loses its viscosity, or sticky quality. It needs this stickiness to do it’s job. When the oil is sticky it clings to the moving parts and therefore makes them move better and also reduces heat and friction.

Web design doesn’t end with getting people to your site. Once you get them there you want to keep them interested enough to either stay and keep looking or go to the “Buy NOW!” part of your site. We call this Stickability.



Keys to Tolerance

So you are selling something that takes a while to explain and are worried that people will become bored and leave.  The way to manage this is to keep people informed and involved.  It is about giving control.

This is how Disneyland manages tolerance in peak periods:

People will happily wait for 2 hours for a ride that takes 3 minutes!

The folk at Disneyland have it down pat. They tell you how long it will take while you are in the queue. “1 Hour from this point!”.

Note that you never see the length of the 1 hour queue. They take you around corners and through structures, all of which are interesting.

In addition to this they involve you along the way with small distractions, little asides that take your interest. Most noteworthy is the fact that all of these small asides are linked to the main event. The theme is consistent.

All of a sudden you are at the ride and you are primed up and good to get on!

They manage you through the process by building tolerance.

Stickability of Websites

On your Website you must have smoothness so the visitor can go where they want, the way they want: give them control. Remove obstacles for the various types of people who may come to you. Keep in mind that some people what to go straight to “Buy Now!” and others want to crawl around absorbing information.  Navigability lets people go through your site with ease.

Another objective is to remove any friction. Friction on a website is a state of frustration that is due to poor structure or hard to read material. It can also be caused by your content being different to the lure you used to get them to the site in the first place.

You must line the messages up from

  • the search engine title
  • your page meta tag
  • site introduction
  • structure of the site including the indexing of information
  • path through the site
  • expansion of content through to expertise in your field
  • and finally, the actual call to action and its smoothness.

ENGAGED visitors are tolerant and, as a result, you have Stick-Ability!


webability-stamps-stickabilityStamp your website with STICK-ability  

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